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Welcome to We Buy Cars Bristol, if you are looking for a quick and convenient way to sell your old car then you are at the right place. At We Buy Cars Bristol we really do buy any car, from high value sports and prestige vehicles, right through to MOT failures that need to be responsibly and environmentally scrapped.

At we Buy Cars Bristol we try very hard to make the sale process as easy and fuss free as possible for our customer. For example, unlike other car buying services we come to you to inspect and collect your car, and we promise to pay our original valuation price as long as the vehicle is as described. We are also happy to pay for the majority of the cars we purchase in cash if preferred.

You might also be interested to know that we don't just buy any car, but actually buy just about any vehicle from motorbikes right through to vans, and even campervans and motorhomes.

So please get in touch now (you can either call us, or use our valuation contact form), we think you will be very impressed with the service and price we offer.

(Our easy to use no nonsense valuation form is the recommeded way to give us your car details.)

(Similar to above, but with some tweaks to make it easier to give us your camper details.)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

For many motorists selling a car is not something that they do all that frequently, and as the rules, regulations and proceudures around the sale of motor vehicles change over time, it is natural that you may have questions involving the sale process. In this section we try answer the common questions we get asked. If your question is not listed here then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I still sell my car if it is SORN-ed off road?

Yes you can. However it is still illegal for the car to be driven on the road even if it is just being taken to a garage to be sold. At We Buy Cars Bristol we have what are known as 'trade plates' issued to us by the DVLA which enable us to test-drive and collect your vehicle legally. The other options would be to either insure and tax the vehicle (thereby putting it technically back 'on the road') before driving it to the buyer, or, for you, or the buyer, to transport the vehicle away on a recovery lorry.

Can I sell my car without a V5 logbook?

Yes, but only if you are selling to a motor dealer or trader (such as us at We Buy Cars Bristol). If you are selling your car privately you will have to apply for a replacement V5 logbook first. If you are selling to a 'trader' without the logbook (buying services such as We Buy Cars Bristol count as 'traders') you will need to write to the DVLA informing them of the sale. The letter should include: 1) The vehicle registration number. 2) Make and model of your vehicle. 3) Exact date of sale. 4) The name and address of the new keeper (the trader).

Can I sell my car with outstanding finance on it?

Yes, there is nothing in law preventing you from doing so as long as you inform the buyer (of course there might be terms within your finace agreement that prevent you from selling without paying off the finance first). At We Buy Cars Bristol we are happy to buy cars with finance on them. What we will normally do is confirm a settlment figure with the finance company, pay this directly to them, and pay the balance (the difference between our agreed purchase price and the settlement figure) to you. Sometimes it is possible for this to work out to a negative figure (a negative equity type situation), in this case we will usaully still proceed with buying the vehicle on the understanding that you will pay this difference back to the finance comapny.

Can I sell my car if does not run or drive?

Yes you can, we can arrange for your car to be towed or trailered away. It will help us arrange removal of your car more quickly if you can give us as much detail as possible as to what is wrong with it. You can do this either by speaking to one of our staff on our telephone service, or by filling in the relevant sections on our online vehicle valuation form.

How quickly will you come and remove my car?

Very - often the same day if that is what is preferred. We are small local Bristol business, so we can be flexible and very responsive to our customer's needs. We are open seven days a week and late into the evenings. If you require your car to be removed at or by a particular day or time please let us know, we should be able to accomodate just about any reasonable requirement.

When will I receive payment for my car?

When we come to pick it up. Unlike our competitors, who expect you to deliver your car to them and then wait for days for them to pay for it, at We Buy Cars Bristol we will pay for your car when we call round to collect it. So you will not have to wait for payment, and will have the peace of mind of knowing you have been paid before parting with your car.

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Can I sell my campervan or motorhome?

Yes absolutely! At We Buy Cars Bristol we buy campervans and motorhomes as well as standard cars. Our standard vehicle valuation form is designed to be flexible enough to allow you to give us the necessary details about your camper or motorhome, however we have also just launched our tailored valuation form to make it even easier to give us your camper details. You can of course always call us too. :)

Do you, for some bizarre reason, feature Philip Schofield in your TV advertising?

We're very pleased to be able to say: NO WE DO NOT! :)