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At We Buy Cars Bristol we bring over twenty years of motor industry knowledge and expertise to the car buying service.

We understand that customers who use a service such as ours, as opposed to selling a car privately for example, want a service that is quick and convenient to use, and to achieve a fair sale price for their car. We therefore do our best to provide just this for our customers. For example, whereas most of our competitors expect their customers to take the vehicle to them, we come to you to inspect, pay for, and collect your car.

We also operate a strict no-nonsense valuation policy, we will value your car honestly, and as long as the vehicle is as described, our valuation price is the price we will pay. Unfortunately some of our competitors will initially 'value' your car at higher price than they really wish to pay, only to pick faults with the vehicle later and then offer you a lower price. At We Buy Cars Bristol we firmly believe that such practices are unfair, and we are proud to say that this is not the way we do business.

We are also bit old fashioned in another way - we like cash! Cash is still often the most convenient way to affect payment, both buyer and seller know the payment is done and concluded at the point the money is handed over, and it saves the hassle of the seller needing to log into their bank accounts to confirm receipt of payment etc. We are of course happy to use electronic transfer, or even cheque, if that is preferred, but generally speaking we will pay for the majority of lower value cars we purchase in cash.