We Buy Cars Bristol - ➠ Useful Links Page

Here we have assembled a collection of web resources that you may find useful when buying or selling a car, or indeed just running a car:

MOT History Check

This is a great resource that enables us to check not only the MOT status of a vehicle, but also the MOT history. The information provided includes not only pass or fail records, but also all advisories on the current and previous MOTs, so this really is a great resource for anyone shopping for a car. Outstanding manufacturer vehicle safety recalls can also be checked here. Go to MOT History Check

Check if a Car is Taxed

A very useful resource if you have forgotten when your car tax is due for renewal - you can't just check the tax disk in the windscreen anymore! Also, great if you want to make sure a car you are planning to test drive is taxed (but don't forget that uder the new car tax rules that came into force in 2016, car tax is no longer transferable to the new owner, so you will need to get the car re-taxed when you buy it any case). Go To Car Tax Check,

Find General Vehicle Info - DVLA Vehicle Enquiry Service

A very useful resource for a quick summary of useful vehicle information. This check effectively combines the MOT check (but without the MOT history, just expiry date), with the tax status check, and also other key vehicle information such date of first registration and engine size etc. Go To Vehicle Enquiry Service Check,

Check Car Tax Rates

Car tax can constitute a very substantial part of the motoring budget, especially so for some older cars that are in the higher tax groups. If you are shopping for car it is therefore important to know which tax group the car belongs to and how much it will cost to tax. The car tax groups are based on a vehicle's CO2 emissions (measured in g/km (grams per kilometre)), a vehicle's CO2 figure can be found in the DVLA issued V5 logbook document. You can view tax rate tables by clicking here: Check Tax Rates. If you do not have your V5 document you can look up your vehicle's emission figure using your vehicle's VRN (Vehicle Registration Number) here: Look Up Your Car's Emission Figures

Inform the DVLA Online That You Have Bought or Sold a Vehicle

It is now possible to notify the DVLA online of a transfer of vehicle ownership. The link can be used by both private and trade buyers and sellers. You will need the document reference number from the latest V5 logbook issued. This method of informing the DVLA means the new keeper will receive their new logbook substantially quicker than the postal method - and it saves the cost of the stamp! :) Inform the DVLA you have bought or sold a vehicle

Check if Your Car is Showing as Insured on the Motor Insurance Database (MID)

The Motor Insurance Database is the central record of all insured vehicles in the UK. When police use ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems to identify uninsured vehicles, they do so by checking the captured number plate against the MID. It is therefore very important that your vehicle is correctly recorded as insured on the MID. Normally this will happen automatically when you insure your vehicle, however mistakes can happen. If you have reason to believe that your car might not be recorded on the MID, or you just want to make sure, you can check here at the 'ask MIB' website.

Sell Your Boat

If you have a boat for sale (up to about 20ft in length) you can use our very own sell my boat form (or call us) for a quick fuss free valuation and sale. The page also contains extra guides and information which we think you will find useful. Click here to go directly to our 'sell my boat' page.

Check if Your Vehicle is Liable for the Bristol Charging Zone Charge

Use this link to go to the .gov clean air zones vehicle checker. (Also checks for Bath, Birmingham, Bradford etc.)